Okay, random inspiration... I'm going to put Winamp on 'play random skin' and then write about whatever skin comes up.

The skin was Brock looking lovestruck. Boring... *tries again* Now it was Aluminum Siren from Sailormoon. Er, hang on. *looks for another skin then pauses*

Ah heck, why not? Chuck 'em both in, to an extent. ^_^.

This here is a crossover fic. If you're totally unfamiliar with the anime Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon... er, it *still* won't make much sense. *giggles*

I use Japanese names because I can't bear to use American names for SM characters. ^_^;;

BTW, mizu means water, doku means poison.

Love and Justice Soldiers
by Leto

The scene opens... Satoshi-tachi are, as always, walking through the forest. For once, Satoshi and Kasumi are not quabbling, but that's only because they're not talking to each other. Takeshi and Pikachu wear permanent sweatdrops.

"Wait a minute!"

The group stopped and looked for the cause of the voice. A black cat stood in a tree, looking down at them with serious brown eyes.

Takeshi's first reaction: "Talking cat! Kill it!"

Kasumi's first reaction: "Nyaasu's girlfriend?"

Satoshi's first reaction: "I wonder what that is?" He starts to open Pokemonzukan but is interrupted by Pikachu's first reaction.

Pikachu's first reaction: "Pikaaaa.... chuuuu!"

The cat fell from the tree and lay on the ground, a bit frazzled, fur singed.

"That's... a... nice... welcome," groaned the cat. She stood, shook herself a bit and then looked at them gravely again.

"I suppose little more can be expected from a mouse to a cat. I'm not here to waste time. We are looking for defenders. In the dimension I come from, female warriors called sailor soldiers fight enemies and protect the world from devastation."

"That sounds... familiar somehow," mused Takeshi, but couldn't put his finger on it.

"There are evil enemies infiltrating other dimensions," continued the cat. "My name is Luna. I am in charge of those sailor soldiers, and I have decided I need to find new warriors to protect the other dimensions that we cannot."

"How does that affect us?" asked Kasumi, with typical anime ignorance. Luna facefaulted.

"Ehh! Figure it out yourself!"

She threw Kasumi a golden blue-rimmed pen and ran off.

Kasumi looked at the pen.

"This isn't real gold. Damn cheap cat."

Satoshi and Takeshi facefaulted.

"Never mind that, what does it do?"

"This whole thing sounds like a very cliché girl's manga," said Kasumi, "so all I need to do is transform in a revoltingly revealing transformation into an outfit that hides little."

"Well, you don't have much to hide," Satoshi said, and Kasumi smacked him over the head with a mallet.

Kasumi raised the pen in the air and a shower of blue light covered her. Satoshi and Takeshi watched eagerly as Kasumi transformed.

Kasumi stood in a sailor suit, with typical short skirt, coloured blue.

"Sailormizu!" she chirped, striking an end-of-transformation pose, music swelling up dramatically in the background, and a backdrop of a tidal wave completing the effect.

Then the dramatic backdrop and music faded, and Sailormizu stopped her pose. She beat Satoshi and Takeshi over the head.

"Perverts!" she snapped, "I saw you watching me transform with such expressions!"

Satoshi and Takeshi sweatdropped.

"Hey," said Takeshi presently, "Luna said there were other warriors to be found, didn't she?"


He got lovehearts in his eyes. "Maybe they'll all be beautiful women! We have to go and look!"


Elsewhere in the forest, a cat was talking to some other travellers.

"Nyan, you're gorgeous."

"Keep away! I'm here on business only!"

"But such a beautiful cat... nyaa, a talking one too."

Musashi finally grabbed Nyaasu by the tail and turned to Luna.

"What were you going to say, cat?" she asked, a bit harshly.

"Err, pretty soldier for justice, here you go, I've gotta run."

She threw a gold pen, laced in black. It landed in Kojiro's hands.

"Uh... what am I supposed to do with this?" He held it up, showing it to Musashi. A shower of dark light, if one can have such a thing, covered him...

Takeshi saw the familiar bright sparkle of energy and heard the dramatic music. He grabbed Satoshi and Kasumi's wrists and pulled them toward it.

The three peeked over the bushes into the clearing where Rocket-dan was.

The music ended. Kojiro stood in a black sailor suit, striking a pose. "Sailordoku, love soldier!" he said. Dark clouds swirled in the backdrop behind him.

Takeshi turned his back on the bushes. He slowly sank down until he sat with head in hands.

He began hyperventilating.

"I saw too much... I saw way too much..."

He shuddered violently.

Satoshi and Kasumi were both deathly pale also.

"On me, sailor suit is cute," said Kasumi, "on Kojiro..."

"The transformation was what got me."

All three shuddered again.

"A sailor suited representative of love..." said Takeshi. "I swear I will never seek love again."

the end ^_-.

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